Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brace Yourselves

Kemper got the DAFO's, I talked about that in my last post.  I was nervous about them and not looking forward to it, I tried to look on the super bright side, but I have a way with the opposite occasionally.

I took him to the orthotist's office and a giant man who looked like a cross between Mr. Clean and one of those old time-y muscle men with a mustache came in and fit him. He said they fit great, his shoes were fine, and he sent me on my way.

Well, there was the whole insurance/ CDSA/ pay out of pocket thing, which got straightened out, but there was a thing.  I'm still waiting on a refund check. Lesson to myself, always call before something new to find out if it's covered. But I digress.

He came home in them, didn't care for them, I worried and fretted. Kelly, Squish's PT came out and got him to do stuff he hadn't done before.  He works for a solid hour with her on standing, cruising, stepping, balance, etc. After that, we put him in the braces for an hour a day.  Now we're up to 3 hours a day.

He is pretty close to independent steps.  He's taken quick stumbling steps on his own, and he walks to the mailbox and back holding my hand.  He will walk all over the house holding a hand to give our dog treats. He'll cruise between furniture for books and toys and cheerios.  It's been pretty awesome to watch.  He's making mighty strides in his strength and stamina.  He can even stand up alone until he realizes he's not holding on to anything.

He's pretty much teaching me at every turn that my worrying is nothing compared to his resiliency and determination. He's like sunshine chasing my gloomy clouds of doubt away, even when he doesn't succeed at something, he tries again with a smile on his face.

I gotta tell ya, this Mommy thing is pretty cool. For your enjoyment, I've included a picture of Squish rocking his braces.  He's pretty adorable.

So until next time, I wish for you to find a little bit of sunshine to wash your worries away.