Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Bump in the Road, but What a Ride!

Here we are at 30 weeks!  It's incredible how fast time has passed yet the journey still feels so long.  We've found out a few things over the last few weeks and as usual, it's good and not so good.

Luckily, everything is great with Kemper.  At ultrasound today they said the ventricles in his brain are holding steady, no hydrocephalus!  All that means is excessive fluid on his brain that could necessitate him needing a shunt placed to drain the extra fluid when he's born.  But... so far so good.  It could change after his closure surgery, but we're hoping and praying it doesn't.  He also weighs 3lbs and 15oz!  He's getting bigger fast and I can certainly feel it!

Then there's the extra amniotic fluid around him.  That's due to my very recent diagnosis with gestational diabetes.  I bombed the glucose test pretty spectacularly.  So, now in order to control the diabetes and prevent negative effects on Kemper and myself, I'm testing my blood glucose levels 4 times a day and following a diabetes diet closely.  Not anyone's idea of fun, but as my husband says, "You can do anything for a set amount of time."  He's right, and that amount of time is growing very short!  We're only 7 weeks from the proposed delivery.  

Sadly along with the gestational diabetes and how far along the pregnancy will be, I was advised not to make a long car trip coming up, and I'm saddened by that.  I was headed to my Grandmother's 98th birthday celebration.  I haven't seen her in a long time and there was a lot of my family attending also that has rare opportunity to see each other.  We are already planning a trip early next year to visit her with the baby and while it won't be on her birthday, I'm really looking forward to seeing her.

So I guess we're in a count down and feeling more and more ready.  His nursery is almost done, the baby shower is coming up, the bag isn't quite packed but we're thinking about it!  All these things to prepare for our baby to come home.  Despite everything, it's much like anyone else would be preparing for their child and that is the defining characteristic, not the Spina Bifida.  Our joy is enormous and we want to share it.